About Bill Still

Exposing the Truth Behind the Mainstream Narrative

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written many books and 4 documentary videos.

Bill Still, a man of integrity and intelligence, has spent a lifetime illuminating the opaque corridors of monetary policies and societal machinations through his incisive writing and illuminating documentaries. With a career that spans several decades, Still’s contributions to journalism and public enlightenment have garnered him an esteemed place amongst contemporary thinkers, writers, and filmmakers.

In the initial phase of his career, Bill served as a newspaper editor and publisher, showcasing an innate ability to blend the elements of fact, perspective, and narrative. His writings, characterized by meticulous research and lucidity, found home in prestigious publications, including USA Today and The Saturday Evening Post. Bill had an unerring knack for dissecting complex issues, offering his readers insights that were both profound and accessible.

The canvas of his creativity and analytical prowess extended beyond the conventional realms of newspapers and magazines. Still ventured into the auditory universe with the syndicated radio program Health News, proving that his narrative abilities were as effective in the spoken word as in print. But the true exemplification of his multifaceted talent emerged in documentaries and books.

“The Money Masters” is one of Still’s most notable works, a documentary that delves deep into the labyrinth of the global monetary system. Released in 1996, this film is an incisive examination of the manipulations and controls exercised by financial systems and their implications for society. Still exposed the workings of central banks, illuminating their often-shadowy operations. He meticulously unearthed the historical context and evolution of monetary systems, from the gold standard to fiat money, and revealed the machinations that have, over the centuries, consolidated wealth and power in the hands of a few.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of historical events, interviews, and analyses, “The Money Masters” stirred conversations globally. With unflinching courage, Bill Still questioned established norms, unveiling a narrative that mainstream discourse often veiled. His work, characterized by an amalgamation of extensive research, unyielding curiosity, and narrative flair, has been seminal in instigating dialogues on economic reforms and societal transformations.

Another landmark in Still’s illustrious career is “The Secret of Oz” (2009), a testament to his undying spirit of inquiry and exposition. In this documentary, Still explored the allegorical elements embedded within L. Frank Baum’s beloved classic, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” draws parallels with America’s monetary system. Bill posited that Baum’s fantastical tale was, in fact, a narrative rich in metaphors – an intricate commentary on the late 19th-century populist movement and the underlying economic and monetary reforms debates of the time.

Every character, element, and twist in the narrative of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was decoded by Still, casting light upon its embedded meanings and correlations with monetary policies and economic reforms. The film was a clarion call for a reassessment of the prevailing monetary system, emphasizing the importance of a debt-free, government-issued currency. His arguments, backed by rigorous research, evoked a re-evaluation of entrenched economic systems, stimulating conversations on innovation and reform.

As a prolific writer and insightful documentarian, Bill Still’s influence transcends the temporal bounds of his works. He doesn’t just inform; he provokes thought, incites dialogue, and inspires transformation. In an era of rapid information flow and often superficial engagements, Still’s contributions are bastions of depth, insight, and intellectual audacity. Bill was driven by an unwavering commitment to truth in every sentence he wrote and every film he made. This pursuit has illuminated paths of understanding for millions around the globe.

In the annals of journalism and documentary filmmaking, Bill Still will be remembered as a sentinel of truth, a man who dared to venture where few had trod, unveiling hidden realities and igniting the sparks of awareness and change amidst the intricate dynamics of society’s economic and monetary landscapes.

The Money Masters

Why are we over our heads in debt? Why can’t we get it under control? What is the future of the American economy and way of life?

The Secret of Oz

Winner of Best Documentary of 2010 at the Beloit International Film Festival

The Hormone Headache

New ways to prevent, manage, treat, migranes and other headaches. 222 pages, soft-backed, published by Macmillian, 1995. $20. Over 20,000 in print.

The Truth About TMJ

How to Help Yourself, the leading book on the temporomandibular joint problem. 148-pages, 1994, soft-backed.

Why America Is Free: A History of the Founding of the American Republic 1750-1800

A 208-page 7-grade hard-backed text on the American revolutionary period, 1998, published by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association for The Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C. Over 60,000 in print.

On the Horns of the Beast

the Federal Reserve and the New World Order – How a group of private bankers have been given a monopoly over our money. 158 page, softback.

Legend of the Holy Lance

A fact-based novel about the lance that pierced the side of Jesus. 240 pages, Hardback, $27.95 / Softback, $20.

Breathing for Musicians

a 96-page manual for music students showing them common mistakes made in the teaching of wind instruments and voice.

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