Say Goodbye to HCQ Because it Works

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Even though this is a story about medicine – or at least health – why is it still about the coup? Because the LAST effective tool in the coupsters toolkit is the economic shutdown of the United States. And they will not be satisfied until they engineer a total economic collapse. What is their most powerful tool to keep maximum economic damage coming to the U.S.? Fear of the COVID-19 virus.
However, the most fearsome tool against the COVID-19 – the veritable kryptonite against it, the old-time medicine that strikes fear into the hearts of the coupsters – is hydroxychloroquine or HCQ.

Therefore, knowledge of HCQ’s efficacy must be stomped out for all time.

Despite what you hear on the MSM, from the CDC, Tony Fauci, et al., the new drug on the scene, remdesivir, has only proven itself to be effective about 62% of the time in one preliminary study of only 320 patients. And since there are no other studies looking at long-term side effects, no one can even say that remdesivir is safe.
And how much does remdesivir cost? A whopping $4,460 for a 10-day course of treatment.

So, you pay nearly $4500 to have just a little better than a 50/50 chance of it working. Not a real good bet, when HCQ is producing good results over 90% of the time.
But all you hear from the coupsters and their compliant media tools – now even in the medical establishment – is that remdesivir is the “only drug proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of the COVID-19 virus.”

It’s just not true. That is a flat out lie. In fact, in my lifetime – and I’ve been a medical writer since 1977 – there has never been a better example of the failures of modern medicine than this attempt to wipe HCQ out of the medical vocabulary of the average American.

Thousands of frontline physicians around the world agree. HCQ is, in reality, the most effective medicine against COVID-19. That’s a flat-out statement of fact.
But the forces of big medicine in the U.S. are trying to erase that fact – why?

Every frontline physician in this COVID-19 battle knows the truth. There have been exactly zero front-line physicians to go public saying that HCQ does not work – ZERO!
But most likely, you’ll never hear of HCQ again. Despite the fact that there are many large studies underway, the only ones that will get published are any that have any information disputing the effectiveness of HCQ.

But there is another interesting reason why the medical establishment is trying to lock out any further good news about the efficacy of HCQ – a reason you wouldn’t believe until you read it here first.

If the general public were to learn that HCQ is also effective at preventing most people from catching the COVID-19 virus, guess what would happen? Seven and one-half billion people would instantly clamor for a 5-day, 10 tablet dose of it.

Why? Because the fact of the matter is that that 10-tablet dose of HCQ would only cost you about $15. That $15 dose can probably not only prevent you from getting the virus, but it can probably even deliver your grandmother from death’s door back to relative health.

We can’t say that for sure, because there are large, ongoing studies being done to prove or disprove both it’s preventative effects, as well as it’s efficacy against every stage of the COVID-19 virus.

For example, in the latest study, the Italian Society of Rheumatology interviewed 1,200 rheumatologists throughout Italy and collected statistics on 65,000 chronic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients who systematically take HCQ. And the results are in — only 20 patients out of 65,000 got the dreaded virus in one of the most heavily infected nations in the world.

And, as Italian pharmacology scholar Annalisa Chiusolo explained to The Jerusalem Post, even in this small subset of 20 patients:
“Nobody died, nobody is in intensive care, according to the data collected so far.”

According to one pharma insider, everyone on the inside of the pharma community knows the truth about HCQ – it works better and it’s 300 times less expensive than remdesivir:
“Every country is now getting on board with HCQ. This is like nothing we have ever seen before.”

“Government authorities and medical associations say it is dangerous and risky and not proven, but they stand in line at the gates of India begging to get their share.”

In other words, the insiders know, and are trying to elbow each other out of the way to get some.
There are many studies going on right now on other older, and cheaper drugs – ones on which the drug patent has run out – typically 20 years after the patent is first filed.

According to our source in the pharma industry:
“We need multiple old-time products for treatment, as invariably one will work better for certain people or in certain cases.”

One potential candidate is the anti-parasitic medication, ivermectin. It was discovered by a Japanese Nobel prize winner in 1975, and came into medical use in 1981.
The wholesale cost in the developing world is about 12 cents for the treatment of one person. In the U.S. it costs less than $50 per treatment. In humans it is used to treat head lice and other parasitic ailments. It is commonly used to treat heartworms in horses.

On Wednesday, Japan’s Economic Revitalization Minister, Nishimura Yasutoshi was pictured visiting Kitasato University to visit Distinguished Emeritus Professor Omura Satoshi, the Nobel laureate who discovered ivermectin.

Despite the fact that the patent on ivermectin ran out many years ago, Minister Yasutoshi said the Japanese government is committed to supporting research on it for use on COVID-19.

If only the U.S. government could free itself from big pharma’s lobbying power to put aside a small pile of money to investigate older drugs for today’s use in the public interest, we’d be so much better off.

However, today, big medicine in the U.S. is doing everything it can to tarnish the reputation of HCQ for one more reason – a clearly political outcome. In effect, they are allowing themselves to be used by the coupsters to defeat what they view as the Trump menace.

If any of the ongoing studies finds that HCQ is effective as a prophylactic, and the news successfully gets out to the American public, there has been so much fear mongering of the COVID-19 flu, that the ensuing stampede for HCQ among the public – just in the U.S. alone – would quickly exceed the total world output of the old malaria drug, driving up the price for several years to come, but also obliterating all financial interests in vaccines to prevent COVID-19.
Yet another financial disaster for big Pharma in the U.S.

But even more damaging, a critical slice of the American public could lose faith that big Pharma is serving the public interest or even upholding medicine’s Hippocratic oath to do no harm.

And that would be a disaster that medicine in general would take a generation or more to heal from.

I’m Still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.