German Intel – WHO Helped China Cover-Up

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup. According to the Daily Caller, the German intelligence services have concluded that China asked the WHO to help them cover up their involvement in the COVID-19 virus. According to yesterday’s story by Anders Hagstrom of the Daily Caller:
“Chinese Leader Xi Jinping personally asked the World Health Organization to delay the release of critical information regarding its coronavirus outbreak….” According to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, the BND – the CIA of Germany made the following conclusions: “At least four, if not six, weeks have been lost in Beijing’s information policy in the fight against the virus.” If this German report is confirmed, according to Texas Republican and Chairman of the House China Task Force, Michael McCaul: “It’s further proof Director-General Tedros conspired with the Chinese Communist Party in their cover up and is not fit to lead the WHO.” These conclusions agree with a study published in early March by the University of Southampton that had China released real information just three weeks sooner, it could have reduced the spread of the disease by as much as 95%. Do you understand the significance of this conclusion? Here is the Johns Hopkins map. [insert still asset: Hopkins map] 292,553 people worldwide have died of the COVID-19 virus, including nearly 80,000 Americans. That means that the World Health Organization really has been the World Death Organization, having been directly responsible for the deaths of 268,425 people in the last 4 months worldwide, and over 75,000 Americans! That’s more Americans than died in the Vietnam War! And yet, where is the outrage in the New York Times? Non-existent! No, instead, it seems the primary mission of the leftist MSM is to hide Chinese misinformation concerning the COVID-19 virus. Yesterday, for example, the President met in the Cabinet room of the White House with the nation’s top military, intelligence and economic leaders. The meeting was apparently so shrouded in secrecy that the President had practically nothing to say before the meeting and took no questions.
However, CNN and former Clinton Secretary of Treasury Larry Summers seemed only interested in the fact that in the few seconds of filming allowed before the meeting took place, none of the participants were wearing masks.
So what’s really going on here? First of all, you can’t put this many people in the Situation Room and have any sort of social distancing.
Secondly, every single person around this table has no doubt had a preventative course of Hydroxychloroquine. None of them need masks. But the interesting part is what were they meeting about? President Trump has never made such a non-informational – even terse statement before a meeting like this. What’s up? Here’s my best guess. China is on the offensive. I doubt if the invasion of the murder hornet from China was a sudden accident or coincidence.

China may be up to much, much more at this point in time and in this photo, you see some of the military chiefs of staff next to the President, but in the foreground on the left, I believe that is Sec. of State, Mike Pompeo, 4th in the line of succession, and to the right, I believe that is the Sec. of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, the 5th in the presidential line of succession.
In other words, all the 15 to 20 heaviest hitters in the U.S. government are in that room for a reason. The most likely reason is how to revitalize the U.S. economy and what to do about Chinese efforts to prevent that.

That’s just a guess, but let’s note the date of that meeting; that was yesterday, May 9, 2020. History will tell us what went on yesterday in the Cabinet Room of the White House, but not for several years. I’m Still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.